Home Again, Home Again

Sunday, June 24th

Headed home today!  I’m actually writing this on the airplane, because… nothing better to do.  Right now, we’re over the edge of Canada (I think) and there are mountains and glaciers and icebergs.  Kevin thinks there are seals.  I think he is crazy, but it’s very pretty in any case.  We’ve already had our lunch, which was quite tasty, and now we’re just sort of riding along.

We got mostly packed and printed our boarding passes last night, and woke up nice and early this morning, so we could make sure we got to the airport in plenty of time.  Checked our email… and the flight was delayed until 12:30ish.  Since everything was packed, and since not a whole lot would be open on a Sunday morning, even in London, we went and had a lazy breakfast, and then headed for Heathrow.  We decided to take the Tube, because it’s a straight shot from our closest tube station.  We got to the airport in plenty of time, and checked our bags in (we were a little worried they’d be heavy, but no problem!).  We got there a little before 10:30, which would have been two hours before the flight, but they still had not posted our gate number yet, so we wandered around the really big shopping area, until they finally told us to head for gate 18.  When the sign finally switched, it said “Go To Gate 18”, and there was a huge flood of people from the central area, so I think there were probably a number of people who hadn’t gotten the memo that the flight was delayed.  Our delays didn’t stop there, though.  We sat around in the gate for ages, and then on the tarmac while a small but very violent little storm went past.  Kevin says we took off around 2:30, finally.

It’s been a lovely trip, and just the perfect length.  We’re starting to run out of clean clothes, and we miss the Bean, but we’ve had a great time.  Once I have a chance, I’ll go back and add pictures to all of this, because we did take them!  Stay tuned!

Flying over Greenland! The glaciers and icebergs were very pretty

A whole ocean of icebergs! Beware, Titanic!

Maybe next time =)

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